The SONY PSP guide… to date!

The PSPgo is scheduled to launch on October 1st in North America and Europe and then on November 1st in Japan. PSPgo is not intended to outright replace the current PSP-3000, but will instead be marketed as the “premium” version of the PSP.

In terms of what you can do with it, the PSPgo isn’t all that much different from the previous iterations of the system. It still features a single analog stick, four face buttons, left and right shoulder buttons and a D-Pad for input, and the internal processing and graphics horsepower is the same (in other words, your games will look exactly like they did before). The biggest change though is that there isn’t a UMD slot anymore, so your old disc-based content won’t work directly with it. Instead, you’ll make use of the system’s built-in 16GB of flash memory to store your games, music, images, video and more. Having all of your media right there in the system means you won’t have to lug around plastic discs anymore, and because the system is smaller on the whole, it’ll fit into your pocket much more easily

Here are the consoles head-on:

  PSP-1000 PSP-2000 PSP-3000 PSPgo
Release Date March 2005 September 2007 October 2008 October 2009
Price Discontinued Discontinued $170 / £150 / AU $280 $249 / £225 / AU $450
Width 6.7 inches 6.75 inches 6.75 inches 5.0 inches
Height 0.9 inches 0.75 inches 0.75 inches 0.65 inches
Depth 2.9 inches 2.75 inches 2.75 inches 2.75 inches
Weight 9.88 oz 6.7 oz 6.7 oz 5.56 oz
Display Size 4.3 inches 4.3 inches 4.3 inches 3.8 inches
Plays UMDs Yes Yes Yes No
Built-in Blutooth No No No Yes
Internal Memory No No No 16 GB
Memory Stick Format Memory Stick Pro Duo Memory Stick Pro Duo Memory Stick Pro Duo Memory Stick Micro
Built-in Mic No No Yes Yes
Video Out No Component Only Component Only Composite and Component

Sony PSP vs Sony PSP Go


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