Bluetooth Headset Hides Secret microSD Card Reader

...Bond. James Bond.

...Bond. James Bond.

So you never grew up to hide lasers, explosives and gadgets in every known orifice like James Bond. But maybe you’d find a microSDHC reader in your Bluetooth headset to be handy. And that dream is only $40 away. [Brando]


  • Direct Charged by USB via PC, Laptop, Netbook, etc
  • Support both microSD and microSDHC format USB Card Reader
  • Support Voice Dialing for Making call
  • Ultra Light Weight: 10.3g
  • Super Long Standby Time: Up to 10 days standby
  • Super Long Talk Time: Up to 6 hours talk time
  • Bluetooth Pairing Profiles (BT headset or handsfree profile)
  • Easy to Take, Reject, End Call
  • Call Redial Function
  • Support Call Waiting
  • Transfer a call between the mobile phone and the headset
  • Bundled with 4 Sizes Speaker Covers & 2 Sizes detachable ear hooks
  • Dimensions: (L)52.0 x (W)20.5 x (H)11.5 mm
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