Ghost Rider 2


Columbia Pictures has confirmed that it’s working on a sequel for Ghost Rider.

Variety reports that David Goyer is in talks to create a new story and supervise writers for the film, which will once again star Nicolas Cage as the flaming motorcyclist. Mark Steven Johnson wrote and directed the original.

Goyer told the trade mag he would revisit a script he wrote for a Ghost Rider film several years ago. Whether this will see Jonny Blaze embark on an international adventure, as Nicolas Cage has suggested, has not yet been revealed.

The news is the latest in a series of announcements from studios looking to retain rights to their Marvel properties. Sony, Fox, Universal and Paramount have all fast-tracked Marvel projects in recent weeks to prevent their rights lapsing back to the publisher’s in-house movie studio.

A Fantastic Four reboot, a Wolverine sequel, several X-Men spin-offs, a new Daredevil and a Silver Surfer movie have been set up at Fox in recent months. Meanwhile at Sony Spider-Man 5 and 6 are now being worked on, and Paramount are busy with Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America.


4 thoughts on “Ghost Rider 2

  1. lets hope the sequel will be better than the original, to be honest I was a bit frustrated with Ghost Rider. i had such high expectations. i’m actually surprised they’re making another one

  2. i like the movie ” GHOST RIDER ” nd its my most favourite hollywood movie that i ever had so far. i would like to thank to the director of this movie ( Mark Steven Johnson ) for making such a wonderful movie and all the members of this movie. I would like to thank the director for making “GHOST RIDER 2” and ofcourse to hero NICOLAS CAGE and beautiful,sexy lady EVA MENDES. They did a wonderful jop here.
    i wish u all the best to the director for his upcomming movie GHOST RIDER 2 nd all his co-workers. thanks

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