DirectX 10.1 vs. DirectX 11: Can You See the Difference?

DX10vsDX11_comp1Like with the jump from DirectX 9 to DirectX 10, you’ll have to really concentrate hard to see what’s changed between the two versions. If you can even really tell which version is which.


In that first shot with the swine flu guy, it seems the one on the right is a bit nicer looking, as in his head and mask don’t look as polygonal as the one on the left. The two vents in his mask are actually round instead of octagonal, and there are more details all around. But that probably took you a while to spot.

I can’t even see a huge difference in the second shot, where I reversed the DX10 and DX11 shots to make sure you were paying attention. Did you think the one on the right was better looking before I said anything? If so, you don’t need to upgrade. More shots over at Firing Squad. [Firing Squad]


One thought on “DirectX 10.1 vs. DirectX 11: Can You See the Difference?

  1. Most obvious difference in the pic is the texture of the wall.. new shader? The biggest alleged advantage to dx11 is supposed to be processing efficency (graphic, and central) better use of multiple cores, and the GPU more versatile than before. It’s also done away with polygons, and replaced by triangles, are placed together (tessellated) which I would imagine would be much easier to make curves with much less edges. Lastly, I think dx10 is making more use of stream processors in things like transcoding which can be done in a fraction of the time on GPU’s (basically what nVidia developed, and expanded to Tesla computer, which are now found in MRI machines.. hence a “3 Tesla MRI”) Video gaming technology is saving lives. Cheers

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