Nvidia and their new “Fermi” Graphics Chip

Fermi Huang

Jen-Hsun Huang - "Fermi"

During Nvidia’s GPU Technology conference in San Jose, California on Wednesday, Jen-Hsun Huang, the company’s outspoken chief executive, announced a next-generation graphics chip code-named “Fermi”

According to Huang, Fermi comes packed with 3 billion transistors and 512 parallel processors, which is twice as many as last year’s chip. And while it will do wonders for gaming graphics, Fermi is also being aimed at scientists performing complex simulations, such as global warming, weather prediction, and other tasks typically associated with supercomputers.

Acknowledging that his company is behind AMD in releasing next-gen parts, Huang promised that we’ll see Fermi-based products within a few short months.

“Nobody likes it when the competitor has a product and we don’t,” Huang said. “We have a different vision. I don’t like to keep our enthusiasts waiting for our next-generation processor. But if we are behind a couple of months, it’s not going to matter.”


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