UnCripple your Xbox 360 HDD After a BAN

Xbox-Scene.com has just revealed an interesting way to uncripple your Xbox 360 HDD after you’ve been banned on Xbox Live. Thanks guys!

There’s been a discussion thread on our forums about a way to ‘uncripple’ your harddrive AFTER you got banned.
As you know Microsoft decided to ‘remove’ some HDD features (like play games from HDD, etc) when your console gets banned.

Microsoft does this by modifying data in the secdata.bin on the NAND (that’s why write-lock the NAND was a way to prevent HDD-crippling).
But people found out the NAND has older (backup?) copies of secdata.bin stored on the NAND as well. Now the hack consists in making your Xbox 360 use an old version of the secdata.bin. All secdata.bin are tagged with a date stamp so you can easily find out which one is newer or older. As your console is already banned, it does not really matter if MS can detect this or not.
Thwack wrote a good tutorial with a method to do this on our forums.

This is pure HEX editing in the NAND image, no CPU-key or whatever is needed. However, for those new in dumping the Xbox 360 NAND … if you do via LTP with nandpro, make sure to dump it a few times and check to make sure your image is good.
Before wild stories go around … this does NOT unban your console from LIVE


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