3 Tools to Help UnCripple Your Xbox360 HDD

A few tools have been released to help you uncripple your HDD after ban, so you don’t have to do it all manually.

* FindSecData v0.4 (by boby2pc)
I wrote little program to extract secdata.bin and filetable of NAND dump.
It uses patch latest secdata.bin method (not delete method).
* v0.11 Fixed regional settings problem.
* v0.2 support for 256 MB and 512 MB NANDs implemented.
* v0.3 Different NAND controller support
* v0.4
– “ommit timestamp” parameter removed – this is now default
– added parameter to show more recomendations
– “recommandation” algoritm changed
– support for gaps in filesystem table version

Official Site: n/a, by boby2pc on xboxhacker.net
Download: here

* Secdata Scan v0.2 (by zouzzz)
Secdata Scan is a small utility that will save you manually open your NAND dump to find the address to hex edit to restore the functionality of the hdd after a ban.
Once you load your nand image in Secdata, it will show you the last secdata updated on your console and the real address of this bloc to use with with nandpro.

Official Site: by zouzzz at gx-mod.com
Download: here

* 360 HDFR v1.03 (by SoulHeaven) (French)
360 Hard Disk Functinalities Restorer v1.03 will allow you to patch your nand automatically in order to restore the functionality to install games on your harddrive on a banned Xbox 360.
Does the same as Secdata Scan but with more functionality:
– Show you the real date of secdata update
– Can generate a zero filled file from your nand image for nanpro
– Can patch your nand for Cygnos v2
Note: does not work on 256/512MB NANDs yet.

Official Site: by SoulHeaven at gx-mod.com
Download: here


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