The Gathering: Origins – For the first time in Romania

What is “The Gathering: Origins”?

“The Gathering: Origins” is the first festival of games in Romania and aims active involvement of the main communities of gamers, enthusiasts of comics and science fiction.
“The Gathering: Origins” means meeting people that like fantasy, it means a chance to know us and to enjoy together, it means a beginning. In the Name of the Game!


The event will begin on February 20th and will end on February 21st and this is only possible thanks to Stud Life.

Stud-Life is a magazine for general students, distributed 13,000 free copies every month since March 2009 in Bucharest, and in August 2009 and in Constanta

Where this ideea?

The game gives satisfaction in itself, not only by its results. Whether they are sports games, word, construction, the flair, the skill or strategy, we use them to learn something, because we take pleasure and for that we need to play. The Gathering collect all communities and fantasy gaming enthusiasts ignored until now in Romania, in one festival.

Some of the domains you’ll be able to see at this outstanding event will be:

  • Gaming
  • Games merchandising
  • Comic Books
  • Manga
  • Digital Art
  • Technology
  • Sci-Fi

If you decide to join us, you’ll also have the oportunity to participate at lots of games with attractive prizez, you’ll be able to see some of the greatest projections about the history of games and gaming, the hottest animes and you’ll have a great show of stand-up comedy and a live concert!

The space is divided into four areas that will place the stands and a hall with stage for screenings and presentations.
Gotham Area – Board Games, Action Figures
Area ElectroCity – Gaming
Battleground Area – Sport Games
Area New Tokyo – Manga, Anime
Area Hall of Fame – Presentations and Projections

The price of the tickets its EXTREMELY LOW!

  • 15 RON/3.7 Euro for 1 day
  • 25 RON/ 6 Euro for both days

I will keep you updated on any news I’ll have in regards to this event and I really hope I’ll see you there guys!


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