Would You Wear These Designer 3D Glasses?

Look3D Eyewear has glasses suitable for every niche corner of the market. Oakley-style for ski resort cinemas? Check. Leopard-print dazzlers for cougars? Check. Pink cat-eyes for Legally Blonde 3D hopefuls? Oh yes. But would you wear them?

They’re not the first designer 3D glasses to leap out of nowhere, with Ray-Ban’s parent company working on a range, along with various Etsy sellers getting in on the action with steampunk models, and even Gucci is said to be keen to launch some stylish specs of its own.

Look3D has partnered up with RealD, meaning these designer specs are compatible with most of the cinemas showing 3D movies. They can even be fit with the wearer’s prescription, if they already wear glasses. Prices haven’t been mentioned just yet, but they’ll be available from Look3D’s website shortly. [Look3D]

Now, my important question—which pair would you dare be seen wearing? If any at all? Me, well, I’m not much of a 3D fan (for movies), but I do like a nice pair of aviators.


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