Windows Phone 7 Application – Application Contest – Please support our idea – iClothYou!

Hello folks,

As you may know already, Microsoft has launched a contest named: Hey Windows Phone! I need this app!

The key goal of the competition is to have users post their ideas for their dream application to have on the new Windows Phone 7. If the idea gets voted, Microsoft will build the app and make it available for free on Marketplace. The most creative of the users gets an award of $5000 + the brand new Windows Phone 7.

We’ve thought about our dream application, named (for now) iClothYou! and we need your help to see our dream come true. Here’s a short description and more can be viewed by visiting the website.

– Let’s say I see a nice shirt on someone that I really love.
– I make a pic of it on the person that wears it
– then the application would identify the product (or provide similar products) and would tell me where I could buy it and from where?
– This could run at some back-end protal/database that would incorporate major fashion brands (not only)
– What I exactly mean is some sort of Shazam Application (currently available on marketplace)  but for clothing, shoes and fashion accessories (could be belts, earings, jewlery)
– This app should also be created to allow users to share what they’ve recently bought, from where, where they’ve seen sales on different products and so on.

If you’d like to have such a fantastic application on your highly anticipated Windows Phone 7, you can cast your vote HERE or in the box below. It’s free, no registration required and it takes less than a minute!

Thank you guys and let’s hope we’ll see this application come to life soon!


One thought on “Windows Phone 7 Application – Application Contest – Please support our idea – iClothYou!

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