Jailbreak your PS3 with an HTC HD2 running Android

Hello World!

As you well know, the PS3 has been jailbreaked recently via an USB stick. Soon after, the smart people from the XDA Developers community (but not only) managed to port the jailbreak to phones using Android either natively such as HTC Desire or Android versions that have been ported such as HTC HD2.

Here you can have a look at the HTC HD2 Jailbreak port and the instructions to make it work!


NOTE: The PS3 firnware HAS to be 3.41. No less and DO NOT install 3.42 as this blocks the ability to use these hacks.
NOTE: To enable playing of backed up games follow instructions in updated part of post 1.

Click here for the thread and for the download link!

NOTE: Make sure PS3 is turned off at the mains or power switch for FAT models and the USB cable is unplugged!

Step 1 – Download
Step 2 – Extract the Android folder and place onto the root of your SD card.
Step 3 – Using Windows Mobile go to File Explorer and find the Android folder, then run CLRCAD.exe (NOTE: It will NOT appear to have done anything but it will have) then run HaReT.exe
Step 4 – You will see white text flying up the screen this normal, wait for it to finish and the Android lockscreen will appear. Unlock the phone so your on the homescreen. (NOTE: Make sure the phone doesnt go into standby and the screen stays on)
Step 5 – Plug the USB cable into your phone and PS3.
Step 6 – Turn the mains switch on for your PS3.
Step 7 – Press the power button and then press the eject button (NOTE: eject button must be pressed right after the power button!)
Step 8 – PS3 will take slightly longer to boot up, this is normal. Download Manager.pkg and put it onto the root of a external HDD (FAT32 filesystem only, NTFS is not supported by the PS3) or a USB stick.
Step 9 – Plug in your HDD/USB stick into the PS3 and go to the new folder under games menu called “Install Package File”, open it and click X on the manager.pkg to install.
Step 10 – Enjoy!

NOTE: If you wish to rename the PSFreedom folder from Android so that you can use your normal Android build follow these steps:
Step 1 – Open startup.txt from within the Android folder (PSFreedom version)
Step 2 – Change set cmdline “” to set cmdline “rel_path=PSFreedom”
Step 3 – Rename the Android folder to PSFreedom.

NOTE: All credit for this goes to DarkStone1337 and the XDA Developers community!


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