New Rights and Services in Telecommunication for Europeans

Starting Wednesday (May 25th, 2011), European citizens will benefit new rights and services in mobile telephony and the Internet, with the entry into force of improved regulations in the telecommunications sector in the European Union.

What are our new rights?

The new EU rules are designed to ensure increased competition in the telecommunications sector and improve the services to be included in national legislation until May 25, said, in a statement the European Commission (EC).
The provisions include the client’s right to switch telecoms operators in just one day, without changing phone numbers, access to clearer information on services, and  more efficient online data protection, says AFP.

Easier transfer from one operator to another

The European Commision collaborated with the Member States for the introduction of the new provisions without problems and analyze launch infringement procedures against countries that have not applied the new rules on time.

The new regulations provide the possibility to change, in one working day, the incumbent telecom operator, without giving up the phone number. The maximum duration of an initial contract with an operator may be 24 months and the minimum that can be offered by your service provider is 12 months. Thus, customers can move easily from one operator to another,  if it offers the most advantageous conditions.
Operators will be required to provide clear information on services offered to subscribers, including their minimum in service quality.
Subscribers to Internet services must receive information on traffic management techniques and the impact on service quality. The contracts provided by the operators must also specify  the details of compensation and return of funds, if the minimum level of services is not met.

Better protection of personal data

Operators must also provide better protection against unauthorized online access to personal data of their customers, and also for spam (unauthorized e-mails), and are required to inform customers if there have been security breaches.

According to the new rules, national regulators will have increased independence and may,ultimately, require telecom operators with a dominant market position to separate communications networks services to non-discriminatory market access of other operators . This can be achieved without giving up ownership of assets or creation of separate companies.

Revised regulations in the field of telecommunications networks and services have beenformally adopted by the European Parliament and European Council in late 2009. The two institutions have decided that new provisions should be included in national legislations of the Member Countries until May 25, 2011.


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