Intel. “The Museum of Me”

The smart guys at Intel have created a custom slideshow/movie that takes data from your Facebook profile and presents it in a very interesting fashion. You’ll visit the “facebooked” version of yourself in a museum environment. While visiting different parts of the “museum” you’ll be able to see your pictures, friends, statuses, videos, likes and so on.

I have to admit I am really impressed by what Intel created, especially because when you think Intel, you think transistors and computer chips.

Have a look at their demo video below and try the “museum” yourself here! Let me know what you think about it!


3 thoughts on “Intel. “The Museum of Me”

  1. ok ive seen this great idea for museum of me how do i get it as ive pressed connect to facebook and nothing comes up of how i get my museum of me ive seen a friends and it is awesome so ive pressed her link but still get nothing..pse help…

    • Hey Cate!

      You should be able to use it by logging in with your Facebook account credentials. As soon as you’ve done that, a page should pop-up asking you to allow the application on Facebook. After that, it should load a couple of minutes (depending on how big your Facebook profile is) and you should see the ‘museum”.


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