Fix Home Button Problem on iPhone 4. Re-calibrate it.

Most of you already know what this problem is about so I will not go into details but here’s a trick that might help you solve the “home button problem” on your iPhone 4. The trick is 100% safe and it should work for you too. Here it is:

  • Unlock your iDevice, open an application and press and hold the Lock/Power button until the Turn of your phone slider show’s up.
  • Release the Lock button and gently press the Home button and hold it pressed for 5-10 seconds until the Springboard shows up.

This should re-calibrate your home button and you should have it working again.

Let me know if this technique worked for you in the comments section.


65 thoughts on “Fix Home Button Problem on iPhone 4. Re-calibrate it.

  1. It does recalibrate the home button, but i guess my home button problem might be a hardware issue already since its not as tight as before anymore T_T

  2. it worked eventually, i held it for the 10 second, released the home button, and then just pressed it several time, now its working again. relief ! thanks. x

  3. Worked for me, thank you very much!! Saved me a long trip to the nearest apple store! Worked when running ios5.1 and problem started on ios4

  4. Didn’t fix it for me. What I found worked was tightening up the little screws on the bottom of the phone. Home button and double taps work every time.

  5. Worked! Thanks, after the step 1, I held down the home button for about 10 seconds and nothing, released it and did it again for another 10 seconds and the Srpingboard shows up and works fine now, thanks.

  6. This worked! I’m so pleased – thank you! I thought I would just have to manage with this annoying problem on my otherwise fantastic and much-loved iphone4. Now it’s working perfectly again – thank you!

  7. this has worked for me ๐Ÿ™‚ , thanks digitalhalter you are a life saver. i have noticed during this process the amount of pressure we apply on home button during re calibration would set the sensitivity of the button. i have done mine very gently and works like new, sorry for my bad english. thanks once again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Seems to be working for me! Thank goodness! That was getting really annoying – thank you so much! And thanks for your comment Syed on the sensitivity – makes so much sense!

  9. Worked GREAT!!!
    Thank you. My home button was driving me crazy. Almost to the point of smashing my phone with a 2 pound sledge! Again thank you!!!!!

  10. It has worked. My home buttom now works effortlesly as new. I was having to press it up five time before it responded, but now just a tap is enough to take me home again. I hate using the on-screen assistive touch. It is a nuisence at times.

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