Get my black iPhone 4 16GB Neverlocked with just 1.5 EUR, 2 USD or 10 RON.

Yes. You read it right! I want to get the new iPhone 4S but don’t really want to invest in a phone this year so, thanks to a friend who came up with the idea, I got this.

You can get my black iPhone 4 16GB Neverlocked just by donating 1.5 Euro or 2 USD in my Paypal account or minimum 10 RON in my bank account. My goal is to raise 930 USD or 750 EUR or 3000 RON by December 29th when it’s my birthday so I can get the new iPhone 4S and give you my iPhone 4. Win-win! Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how it works:

  1. Readers donate 1.5 EUR or 2 USD to my Paypal account or minimum 10 RON in my bank account. Of course, you can donate more than once thus submitting many entries in the comments section and increasing your chances to win.
  2. The donors must post a comment on this page with his/her name/Paypal name and donation amount. This will be approved after validating with Paypal.
  3. Once $930 or €750 or 3000 RON to buy the new phone is gathered, the donation stops.
  4. Using I will choose a number from the comments list who will be the lucky winner of my iPhone 4. Everything will be recorded and posted on YouTube.
  5. The phone will be delivered to the winner’s home address (which will be given to me via email after I’ve announced the winner) via DHL/UPS/Fan Courier on January 3rd, 2012.

You can donate using the button here or on the left hand side of the website or by using the details below:

For Paypal use e-mail address:

For bank transfer use the following details:

Name: Alin Amariei, IBAN: RO55INGB0000999901435424

Login into your Paypal account and use the option “Donate” from the “Send Payment” tab as shown in the image below. Thank you for your donations and good luck to you all!


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