The Real Xbox Experience [RxE]. Soon on JTag/RGH Modded Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 modders rejoice! Team FSD is working hard at a complete overhaul of the Freestyle Dash you currently know and love.

RxE (The Real Xbox Experience) is the new direction of Freestyle Dash. While RxE is a complete overhaul/rebranding of the previous dash, it still has all the great features you know and love from FSD. The RxE reincarnations of these features have all been recoded, redesigned, rethought to achieve a fast, clean, stable, and exciting experience.

Below is a preview of some features:

— Kinect Gesture and Voice integration
RxE has full support for the kinect sensor. Skeletal tracking and voice recognition will allow you to navigate the dash with just your hands and/or your voice.
— Private Messaging linked to
Send messages to your friends, view your contacts, share your avatars and even video chat. Private messaging is a communication hub for all members
— CoverFlow
The game list has been redesigned using the popular coverflow layout. In addition to coverflow, we’re providing many other layout types, like bookshelf, catalog, and
RxeFlow- a spin off of the old FSDFlow game list layout. Beyond that, users will be able to create their own layouts and share them.
— Brand New Menu System
The new menu system is 100% dynamic, 100% configurable. You want your menu to consist of 1 icon that leads to Xbox 360 Games, then go for it. You want your most recent game to be the default selection, then go for it. The possibilities are endless with the new menu system.
— Rip DVD To God
Not only can you rip your games from DVD as an extracted package, you can also rip your games straight to GOD if you want to have access to them NXE as well.
— Faster File Transfers
The file manager has been recoded and redesigned. File Operations approximately 10 times faster to both internal HDDs and USB drives.

The video below should give you a good idea at what’s coming and I for one, can’t wait to see that go live.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to Digitalization for the latest updates and tell us what do you think of RxE and what new features would you like to see or what features removed.


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