The Death of Television?

This year, Netflix viewers watched roughly 1 billion hours of videos in a just one month. This act alone speaks volumes of the tremendous amount of content viewers are soaking in every month and the ever-growing popularity of Internet videos and online streaming in today’s society.

The internet has transformed the way we watch and receive our daily dose of news, entertainment and education. Even bigger, it’s transformed how we view the television. Slowly but surely, the TV is having to face the reality of a losing battle against online streaming and viewing. A large part of that is owed to the instantaneous nature and the flexibility of online videos that TV simply can’t compete with.

While only time will tell the fate of television as we know it today, we can’t help but wonder, is the death of television coming soon? This infographic by Allison Morris at takes a closer look at this phenomenon and the growing trend and popularity of online videos. Check it out below!